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From Spacesuit to Artificial Womb

The Soft and Hard Construction of Body

There are two ways in human history to understand and construct the body - hard and soft. The hard - the armor to protect mans body in conquering the world. The soft - women underwear catering to  male aesthetic standards towards female body. The former, regard body as different functional parts that can be assembled, the latter see body as a whole that need personal measurements to fit. It echoes two series of the NASA spacesuit - hard suits and soft suits. The spacesuit used to belong to man’s world - the space competition, the conquer and colonization of outer space. Ironically, the under layer of latex bladder layer filled with oxygen which is crucial for the whole function, is developed and produced by a company that focuses on flexible latex women girdle. The tight-fit, intimate layer (soft construction) and the mechanical, rational life support system (hard construction) combined together in spacesuits.

There is a body within a protective artificial body. The astronauts within spacesuit is similar to fetus within the womb in female body. What if the space between layers of spacesuit is filled with fluid instead of oxygen?

The artificial womb is for those who cannot have babies. The desire towards ability of pregnancy and producing offsprings, is equal. The responsibility and pressure come after it is also equal. Pregnancy should be an equal choice. The womb can be a prosthesis for all men and women.  The prothesis, inserted into the artery and vein of the wearer, transfers nutrition and oxygen from the blood of the wearer to the fetus and carry the waste out by a complicate system. It can also achieve real time communication of emotions between the baby and the adult through sensors on the fetus’ skin. In the near future it may also be used to have babies in outer space.

Helix Collar

Wearable Design of Flexible Material
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Wearable EMF Perception Device
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